1.3 Creating a Pivot Table Using Recommended Pivot Table Feature; Practice Exercise 2 – Intro to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables

Practice Exercise 2: ​Creating a Pivot Table Using the Recommended Pivot Table Feature
Still use data file: RANGE TO TABLE TO PIVOT TABLE2

STEP 1:  Rolled out with the previous Excel 2013 version, a new feature called Recommended Pivot Tables, is a fast way to create a pivot table if you need one quickly. 
Ensure you have a table cell selected before beginning.
Select the Insert tab and in the Tables section, select Recommended Pivot Tables (FIGURE 1).

                                                                FIGURE 1

STEP 2: ​Select the recommended pivot table that is highlighted; Sum of Cost by Category (FIGURE 2).
Press OK button.

                    FIGURE 2

STEP 3: ​The pivot table is shown in the graphic to the right (FIGURE 3). If you want to create a pivot table in a hurry this is the way to go.
The pivot table fields on the far-right graphic (FIGURE 4) can be shown by clicking your mouse on any cell in the pivot table. These pivot table fields can be added to the pivot table by checking the boxes.
When using the Recommended Pivot Table choice, a pivot table cell is automatically selected by Excel which causes the Pivot Table Fields list to appear.
                                            FIGURE 4
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