2.10 Sorting a Table – Using a Custom Sort to Sort a Table – Practice Exercise 16 – Intermediate Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 16 – Using a Custom Sort to Sort a Table
Continue using data file: FIRST_RANGE_TO_TABLE_EXERCISE; Select the TABLE SORT Tab
STEP 1: Highlight the entire table using a mouse or the CTRL + A keys.
STEP 2: Right-button mouse click anywhere on the highlighted table and from the drop-down menu, select Sort and on the secondary menu, select Custom Sort (FIGURE 1).

​STEP 3: ​On the Sort by column, select the down arrow and select “Salesperson” from the drop-down menu. Use the default settings for the “Sort on” column and “Order” column (FIGURE 2).
​STEP 4: Press the Add Level button to enter the sort.

STEP 5: Repeat for 2nd choice, Location, and 3rd choice, Listing Date.  When you’re done it should look like the “Custom Sort Dialog Box” in FIGURE 3.

The sort results are shown in FIGURE 4. Notice there are filter symbols on the filtering buttons for Salesperson, Listing Date, and Location.

                                                          FIGURE 2
                                                           FIGURE 4
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