2.11 Filtering a Table – Practice Exercise 17 – Intermediate Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 17 – Filtering a Table
STEP 1: Let’s filter some of our results. We only want to see 4 bedroom listings.
STEP 2: Select the Bedroom filter button. On the drop-down menu, uncheck the “Select All” checkbox. Check the “4” box. Select the OK button at the bottom of the menu.(FIGURE 1).
                                                                                                 FIGURE 1
STEP 3: We still have the sorting action from our previous sort, but now it is only for 4 bedroom listings.
Notice that the Bedroom filter button icon has changed from its default downward pointing arrow to the filter funnel icon ​(FIGURE 2).
                                                              FIGURE 2
STEP 4: Unlike a sort, which can only be removed by the Undo button, a filter can be removed.
Select the filter button for the Bedrooms column. Select “Clear Filter from Bedrooms” choice on the drop-down menu (FIGURE 3).
                                                                                                    FIGURE 3
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