2.2.1 Excel Options Dialog Box – Intro to Excel 2016

                                                                                                   FIGURE 1 
Important Settings in Excel Options (FIGURE 1):

  • Default Font/Font Size – Change the font from Calibri 11 (default) to any font you desire
  • Show/Hide Mini Toolbar – Mini Toolbar can be removed if you don’t like it
  • Show/bypass Excel Start Page – When opening Excel, it goes immediately to a Blank Worksheet
  • Enable/Disable Live Preview – You can preview what a specific style looks like before selecting it
  • Screen Tips Style – Shows feature description when you point at it with mouse


  • Error Checking Rules – to remove error notices


  • Change default folder location for saving Excel files – Documents folder is default


  • Display Section: Show/Hide formula bar, horizontal/vertical scrollbars, sheet tabs, row and column headers, gridlines (If any of these are missing, look here for an unchecked box)

Customize Ribbon:

  • Add/remove tabs or add/remove features to the Ribbon

Quick Access Toolbar:

  • Add/remove features to the toolbar
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