2.3 Customizing a Table – Using the Total Row Feature – Practice Exercise 10 – Intermediate Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 10: Customize a table by applying the Total Row feature
STEP 1: ​Continue using data file:FIRST_RANGE_TO_TABLE_EXERCISE; Select the CREATE TABLE TAB (FIGURE 1).
Notice that on the table is a small  arrowhead on the bottom-right cell. It is used for adding rows/columns.
                                                                            FIGURE 1
STEP 2: ​Locate the small dark mark in the bottom-right corner of cell C13 (FIGURE 2).If you move mouse near this mark, your mouse symbol will turn into a slanted double-headed arrow. (The double-headed arrow you see on your PC will be much smaller. You might want to consider increasing the zoom to see it better). 

​STEP 3: Click and drag your mouse downward to add a row (FIGURE 3).

​STEP 4: You will see a dark border surround the table, including the new row (FIGURE 4).
​To add a column, do the same thing except move your mouse to the right instead of downward.

                                                                         FIGURE 2
                                FIGURE 3
                                 FIGURE 4
STEP 5: ​We will now see how to add a “Total Row” for the table. Ensure you have a cell in the table active.
In the Table Style Options section of the Ribbon, select Table Tools Design Tab,
Check the box for Total Row ​(FIGURE 5).
                                                                         FIGURE 5
STEP 6: ​You now have a Total row added, with the Actual column total showing. Notice that the small arrow for adding rows/columns has moved to the total row (FIGURE 5).
                                                                      FIGURE 6
STEP 7: Click on cell C14, “668,600.00”. Click on the black, downward pointing arrowhead to see a drop-down menu. You have various options to choose from; SUM is the default.
Select Average (FIGURE 7). Cell C14 now shows the average of the “Actual” column.

​Select Undo to change back to SUM.

                                  FIGURE 7
STEP 8: ​You can add rows between the last row of data and the Total row (FIGURE 8).

​STEP 9: Click on cell C13. Press Tab key. You have now inserted a new row (FIGURE 9).

                               FIGURE 8
                                    FIGURE 9
This is the end of this section. To continue, go to Module 2 Section 2.4  Customizing a Table Using Formulas in Tables; Practice Exercise 11