2.9 Sorting a Table – Using Filter Buttons to Sort a Table – Practice Exercise 15 – Intermediate Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 15: Perform sorting on a Table using filter buttons
STEP 1: ​Still using the data file, FIRST RANGE TO TABLE EXERCISE. Select TABLE SORT tab. Make cell A1 the active cell (FIGURE 1).
STEP 2: The first step in creating a table is selecting the Table option. Go up to the Ribbon and select the Insert tab. In the Tables section, select Table with mouse (FIGURE 2).
                                                                                   FIGURE 2
STEP 3: The Create Table dialog box range should be $A$1:$G$276.  Check the box, “My table has headers” (FIGURE 3).
Click the OK button.
                                                   FIGURE 3
STEP 4: From the palette of Table Style choices (FIGURE 4) select – Table Style Light 20.
Notice that the Header Row, Banded Rows, and Filter Button boxes have been checked. Leave them as is.The resulting table is shown in FIGURE 5.
Tip: For future use – if you don’t want the downward pointing filter buttons on each header field, banded rows, or header row, uncheck the appropriate box.
                                                                                                                             FIGURE 4
STEP 5: Highlight the entire table using mouse or CTRL + A keys.
Select the filter button (down arrow) on the Listing Date header cell.

​STEP 6: Select the choice “Sort Oldest to Newest” on the drop-down menu. Notice the dates listed are shown oldest to newest (FIGURE 6).

Select the Undo button to undo this sort.

                                                                                         FIGURE 6
STEP 7: Now we’ll do a 3-column sort. Our sort priority is: 1. Salesperson, 2. Location, 3. Listed Price.
Our first choice, Salesperson, is actually chosen last; last choice for the sort is selected first. This is due to the way filter buttons work.
Select the filter button for the Listed Price column. On the drop-down menu select “Sort Smallest to Largest” choice (FIGURE 7).
STEP 8: Select the filter button for the Location column. On the drop-down menu select “Sort A to Z” choice (FIGURE 8).

STEP 9: Select the filter button for the Salesperson column. On the drop-down menu select “Sort A to Z” choice (FIGURE 9).

                                                           FIGURE 8
                                                            FIGURE 9
STEP 10-: ​Although selected in reverse, the Sort Priority: 1st Sort: Salesperson, 2nd Sort Location, 3rd Sort Listed Price (FIGURE 10).

Select the Undo button and undo the last 3 sorts.


                                                          FIGURE 10
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