3.3.1 The Mini Toolbar – Intro to Excel 2016

3.3.1 The Mini Toolbar
You’ll see 2 versions of the Mini Toolbar based on 2 conditions:

Condition 1 – highlighting data in a cell
Condition 2 – right-button mouse click a cell (this toolbar has more icons on it)
Highlighting data in a cell (FIGURE 1)
   Right-button mouse click a cell (FIGURE 2)
The mini toolbar was rolled out with Office 2007 and is still a feature in Office 2016. It is a smaller version of the Standard/Formatting toolbars used in previous Excel versions. Unfortunately, you cannot add or remove any features as you could with those other toolbars. 

The mini toolbar appears when you highlight or right-button mouse click data, although it will contain the slightly bigger toolbar with more features if you right click the data. If you move the mouse away from the smaller version mini toolbar it will gradually fade until it completely disappears.

The mini toolbar features some of the most commonly used text formatting functions. These same formatting functions are in the Font section of the Ribbon. The icon symbols are shown below:

  • Bold 
  • Italics
  • Font Color
  • Increase/Decrease Font Size
  • Change Font Family (I.E. Change Calibri to Times New Roman)
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