5.1 Practice Ex 10; Creating a Chart – Intro to Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 10: Creating a Chart
​STEP 1: In reference to data in previous exercise, delete data in cells F5 and G5.

STEP 2A: Select range A1:F5 used in previous exercise (FIGURE 1).

STEP 2B: In the Charts section of the Ribbon, select “Recommended Charts” icon.


STEP 2C: You will see a menu of chart types to choose from (FIGURE 2). Select the third choice down from the top (highlighted with gray border). Select OK button.
                                                   FIGURE 2
STEP 2D: Use the 3 icons to the right of the chart to customize the chart (FIGURE 3). For example, if you want to add titles to the vertical axis or horizontal axis, select the top icon, “Chart Elements” and check the box, “Axis Titles”. We now have a vertical axis label “Axis Title”.

​The other 2 icons are “Chart Styles” (center icon) and “Chart Filters” (bottom icon) which can be used for other types of chart customization.

STEP 3: When you click on the chart, a contextual tab will appear up on the Ribbon which includes 2 tabs for Chart customization, called Design and Format. Each of these tabs has its own toolbar. Contextual tabs are temporary and only appear when you are doing something specialized. In this case, we are now working with a chart.

                                         FIGURE 4
STEP 4A: Select the Undo icon (blue curved arrow pointing left) from the Quick Access Toolbar and click on it until the chart is removed (FIGURE 5).  

STEP 4B: Select the Redo icon (blue curved arrow pointing right) to bring the chart back (FIGURE 5). 

                                  FIGURE 5
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