5.4 Practice Ex 13; Add a Header/Footer to a Worksheet – Intro to Excel 2016

Practice Exercise 13: Add a Header/Footer to a Worksheet
Pre-Printing Activities
The finishing touches to your document include adding a header and footer first. After that it’s a good idea to check the document to ensure it will print what you want and in the correct order. Let’s look at adding a header and footer to your document.

Header and Footer Addition

STEP 1: Select the Formulas & AutoFill Table sheet. Go into Page Layout View. Page Layout is accessed by selecting the Ribbon View tab, Workgroup Views group (FIGURE 1).


                                                                                      FIGURE 1
You can also select the Page Layout icon down at the end of the status bar. It is the icon in the middle of the three shown (FIGURE 2).
                                           FIGURE 2
STEP 2: Select the Ribbon Insert tab, locate the Text group, select Header & Footer (FIGURE 3).

Selecting Header & Footer will show the Header & Footer Toolbar below (FIGURE 4).

                                            FIGURE 3
STEP 3: Begin by inputing data into the header (FIGURE 5). It is divided into three sections. Click on the left section, select Date from the Header and Footer Tools. Click on the right section, enter your name. Leave the center section blank. From the Header and Footer Tools select Go to Footer.
STEP 4: Select the center section of the footer (FIGURE 6). Select Filename from the Header and Footer Tools. If this was a multi-page document, selecting Page Number from the Header and Footer Tools would be a good choice.
Tip: There is a Header and Footer option tab in Page Setup which will also enable you to add a header and footer. The design is a little different but the basic concepts are the same as this method.
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