Appendix B – New Pivot Table Tools – Intro to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables

Appendix B – New Pivot Table Tools
Defer Layout Update Check Box
The frustrating part of building a pivot table from a large data source table is that each time you add a field to a pivot area, you are left waiting while Excel crunches through all that data. This can become a very time-consuming process if you have to add several fields to your pivot table.
Excel 2016 offers some relief for this problem by providing a way to defer layout changes until you are ready to apply them. You can activate this option by clicking the Defer Layout Update check box at the bottom of the PivotTable Field List dialog box.
When you place a check in the Defer Layout Update check box in the lower-left corner of the Pivot Table Field List, you prevent your pivot table from making real-time updates as you move your fields around within your pivot table.  ​​
When you are ready to apply your changes, click the Update button on the lower-right corner of the PivotTable Field List.
Remember to remove the check from the Defer Layout Update check box when you are done building your pivot table. Leaving it checked results in your pivot table remaining in a state of manual updates, preventing you from using the other features of the pivot table, such as sorting, filtering, and grouping.