JHS Consulting Microsoft Office Courses Going Online

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that JHS Consulting Microsoft Office courses that I have taught for years in a classroom are currently being developed for online course usage. I am also producing a version of my courses for blended learning (combination of online and classroom). There are a few reasons for my decision to go online but the primary reason is because of COVID-19. Due to the public virus concerns, the courses are currently being developed for online students.

I will let you all know when the online courses are ready for students!

Free Online Excel Basics Course – Update

Hi everyone, there has been a high interest in my two course dates for the Excel Basics course. Here's an update: the WebEx live session on April 15 has already maxed out on registrations. Those of you who expressed in interest in the event should register for the April 16 (video) date asap before it gets maxed out as well. Email me at: jscarbrough@jhsconsulting.com and provide your full name and a working email to register. Thanks to all for your high interest; now, let's get registered! EXCEL LOGO PUBLIC DOMAIN