PC News

  • Windows 7 Choices

    Windows 7 options discussed; XP to 7 upgrade or buy a new PC with Windows 7 installed. Microsoft support for Windows XP ends April 2014.

  • Haswell: Intel 4th Generation Processor – Marketplace Effect

    The Intel 4th generation Haswell processor has longer battery life, enhanced graphics, and now laptops are a viable option to a tablet.

  • Apple Computer’s Thunderbolt

    Apple Thunderbolt speed has greater data transfer bandwidth than USB; now available on laptop such as Acer Aspire and Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.

  • USB Superspeed+ vs Thunderbolt

    USB version 3.1, also known as Superspeed+ released, USB bandwidth 10gbps; now even with Apple Thunderbolt speed used on a MacBook Pro.

  • Apple vs Samsung Landmark Case Verdict

    The verdict to a landmark case involving Apple and Samsung, with Apple being the big winner.