Course Information – Intro to Excel 2016 Data Analysis

Course Syllabus

Course Title: Introduction to PowerPoint 2016

Prerequisites: No course prerequisites are required. The student is expected to have basic keyboard, mouse, and Internet skills however.

Description: The Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 course is a 4-hour course, designed to teach a student the basics of giving a presentation with various graphic slides . It is a skill that is well utilized since many companies expect their workforce to share department information in an understandable way in a professional social setting.

Intended Audience: Anyone who must update their supervisor or department with timely information can benefit from this course. Common examples of Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 students are employees regularly called upon to provide updated information using a mixture of graphics and text to fellow coworkers and supervisors using descriptive graphic slides. It is also of interest to college students that require presentation skills for their academic courses.

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