Don’t Have Excel on PC – Intermediate Excel 2016

Recommended Microsoft Office Version
Microsoft Office 2013/2016 is the recommended Office version for this course although Microsoft Office 2010/2007 is acceptable. Using a Microsoft Office version prior to 2007 is not acceptable since the versions are of a different configuration.

Excel Online – Acceptable Alternative to Regular Excel
If you do not have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, you may still take this course using the free online Excel version. To use the free online version of Excel go to:

Differences between Online Excel and Standard Excel are as follows:

  • There are some mouse symbol differences but they work the same way.
  • The Ribbon looks a little different since it does not include all of the feature icons that the Standard Excel Ribbon contains.
  • Files cannot be saved to the hard drive; they can only be saved to the Cloud.