Grading – Intro to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables

It should be made clear that a grade is being assigned only so the student understands their strengths and weaknesses in Excel. Regardless of the grade obtained, all students will receive Continuing Education Units for taking this course.

There is a five-question quiz at the end of a module. The quiz is to help you gauge your learning experience and see where you have understood the basic concepts and where you may need some review. 

These assignments are providing additional emphasis on important graphic interfaces in Excel that are referenced in the videos. They help you learn the important information from the course and to assist you in taking the quiz following the module as well as taking the exam following the course. There are no submissions required in the form of a student project or assignment paper. 

At the end of the course the student will take a 20-question exam. The exam results are based on a 5-point per question ratio. The grade scoring guide is shown below. Passing or failing this exam does not have any impact on your eligibility for Continuing Education credits.

Grade – Score

  A – 90-100 %

  B – 80-89%

  C – 70-79%

  D – 55-69%

  F – 0-54%