Lesson 18


Sorting a Table – Using a Custom Sort to Sort a Table; Practice Exercise 16

Practice Exercise 16 – Using a Custom Sort to Sort a Table

Continue using data file: FIRST_RANGE_TO_TABLE_EXERCISE; Select the TABLE SORT Tab
STEP 1: Highlight the entire table using a mouse or the CTRL + A keys.
STEP 2: Right-button mouse click anywhere on the highlighted table and from the drop-down menu, select Sort and on the secondary menu, select Custom Sort (FIGURE 1).

Figure 1

STEP 3: ​On the Sort by column, select the down arrow and select “Salesperson” from the drop-down menu. Use the default settings for the “Sort on” column and “Order” column (FIGURE 2).
​STEP 4: Press the Add Level button to enter the sort.

Figure 2

STEP 5: Repeat for 2nd choice, Location, and 3rd choice, Listing Date.  When you’re done it should look like the “Custom Sort Dialog Box” in FIGURE 3.

Figure 3

The sort results are shown in FIGURE 4. Notice there are filter symbols on the filtering buttons for Salesperson, Listing Date, and Location.

Figure 4


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