• Apple iPad 4 Tablet

    Review of the Apple iPad 4 tablet with a new A6X processor, Lightning connector, and improved cameras.

  • Apple iPhone 5S Smartphone Review

    Smartphone review of Apple iPhone 5S major features are technical improvements including a new 64-bit A7 processor and M7 coprocessor for faster performance and enhanced graphics.

  • Apple Computer’s Thunderbolt

    Apple Thunderbolt speed has greater data transfer bandwidth than USB; now available on laptop such as Acer Aspire and Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.

  • USB Superspeed+ vs Thunderbolt

    USB version 3.1, also known as Superspeed+ released, USB bandwidth 10gbps; now even with Apple Thunderbolt speed used on a MacBook Pro.

  • “Good artists copy, great artists steal” . . . Steve Jobs

    Apple and Steve Jobs compete against IBM PC; IBM’s long relationship with Microsoft and Bill Gates; Xerox and PARC should get more credit.

  • Apple vs Samsung Landmark Case Verdict

    The verdict to a landmark case involving Apple and Samsung, with Apple being the big winner.