• Go Wireless With a Router

    Your home network PC and smartphone can both have wireless capability by using a router and will provide good performance and security by including password protection and firmware updates.

  • Save Money ACPI Suspend Mode / System Hibernate S4

    Save money configuring your PC to minimize power, using the ACPI suspend mode S3 and system hibernate S4.

  • How to Shop for a PC Surge Suppressor

    Shopping for a PC surge suppressor (surge protector), should have a UL 1449 rating; know terms such as clamping voltage and joules.

  • PC Skills – Your Ticket to Success

    Computer skills for success in life; a good PC skillset requires learning a few key career skills that will take you a long way.

  • Fixing PC Hardware Problems

    Good troubleshooting procedure if PC experiences a hardware problem. You can use the Device Manager or Event Viewer and locate the problem there.