8 Ways to Conserve Cell Phone Battery Power

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Many people have chucked their land-line phone and use only their cell phone now. As a result, cell phones get heavy usage, and if you've got a smartphone, other features add to the mix. The battery is being called upon to do a lot of work, so it pays to eliminate those unnecessary power drains that sap the battery charge. 

8 Ways to Conserve Cell Phone Battery Power

  1. A lot of phones have a power conservation mode; use it if it's available.
  2. Turn display brightness down or use an automatic brightness setting
  3. Lower your timeout settings which reduces brightness after x amount of seconds.
  4. Wifi consumes less power; use it if it's available. However, remember that having Wifi always enabled will also drain your battery more since your device will search for it. If you're traveling or not in a Wifi hotspot, turn Wifi off. 
  5. Turn GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC off when not in use.
  6. If you use a lot of apps, consider paying for them since they will be less draining. Paid apps don't have ads like the free ones do.
  7. Get rid of all extra display widgets and wallpaper.
  8. Go into the Airplane Mode if you're only using the phone for admin tasks. The Airplane Mode kills all send or receive communications but still allows you to use your calendar, draft emails, and other non-communicative phone features.

Keep in mind that a cell phone battery is not cheap. By following the above list, you are decreasing the rate of power consumption, which equates to fewer battery recharging sessions. Remember that a battery can only be recharged so many times and then a replacement will be necessary. 

In the beginning, like any new set of habits, this might seem a little constrictive but over time you will see the positive results. And saving yourself the frustration of your battery going dead while waiting for an important call could in itself be worth the effort!



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