How Secure is Your System (Internet of Things)

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Recently I read an article in PCMag about how secure is the Internet of Things? by Eric Griffith. Great article and kudos to him. This is a summary with my takeaway.

Let's be clear about the term "System" in this blog title. System could include anything in your house that is high-tech such as a microwave, toaster (yes, some of the more expensive ones qualify), TV, PC, tablet, smartphone (these last 3 obviously), car (definitely), and I won't go on, but you get the idea. A more definitive term and buzz-phrase is The Internet of Things.

It is now possible for hackers to hack into the above mentioned items you own. Yes, common household items are fair game. What used to be the realm of PCs has slowly transitioned to the aforementioned. So the bottom line is, how secure is it?

Alex Balan, Bitdefender's Chief Security Researcher at NSA says to look for a Bug Bounty program. Companies that subscribe are having specialized companies investigate their products for a potential hacker's exploit. Since they tell the company if there's a problem and how to fix it, if your product's company is listed, you're fairly safe, since the company is taking measures, including paying very large fees to uncover any unknown bugs.

Who are some big-time companies having their security vulnerabilities checked? Would you believe the U.S. government Dept of Defense? And there are other heavyweights including Microsoft, Google, United Airlines, Facebook, Yahoo, and Apple.

Technology is here to stay, but as with many good things, there often exists a mixed bag.



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