Free Online Excel Basics Course

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Hi everyone, JHS Consulting will be offering a 90-minute free Excel Basics course on April 15 and 16, 2019. The course training will be conducted via video-conferencing web link (WebEx) as well as a video version. For all students who attend and assess this course, we will be also offering a free web-based, full-version 4+ hour training on Introduction to Excel. To register for the free Excel Basics course, email JHS Consulting to register:

I've been looking at surveys about top technical skills to have on a resume and you know what keeps appearing at the top? Microsoft Office skills, of which Excel is a part. My Excel Basics course I'm offering free on April 15 and 16 could be the start of acquiring an important skillset for your professional work as well as personal work.

This course is for beginning level Excel users and for those who have a need to use Excel for work and/or home. Register soon for this Excel class as we anticipate many people for this training!


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